Cavity Filter Soldering Method Jul 02, 2020
Device instructions
a.The filter should be fixed on the box with 4*M 1.6 screw mounting screws to ensure that the filter shell is in close contact with the box to ensure a good grounding.
b.Weld the input and output pins of the filter in the circuit. The welding time should not be too long and the temperature of the filter exceeds 180°C. Otherwise, the internal welding of the filter will be damaged and the filter will fail.
c.When applying solder, protect the root of the filter pin from leaving solder to avoid short circuit.
d.The filter is a non-airtight structure. Soaking and cleaning is prohibited during installation and use, otherwise the cleaning agent will enter the filter, causing deterioration of characteristics,and even damage to the internal components and causing the filter to fail.
e.The filter input and output directions can be interchanged.
f.If the filter is found to work abnormally, the filter can be removed and tested separately. If there is a problem with the filter, please contact our company in time, do not open it privately.

The gap between the filter and the PCB board is controlled within 0.03mm. If the gap here will cause large standing waves, large fluctuations and other indicators to deteriorate.
The impedance of the transition line between the filter pin and the PCB soldering point is 50 ohms.

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